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Something I pride myself in is my love for social research. I get to know people through various means, and what better way than to ask the personal questions? My main platform to conduct my social research is Instagram Story through the polling mechanism. I ask varying questions with binary answers, ranging from people's personal interest, repeated habits, to ways in which love is expressed. This has been a great way to generate conversation with my followers, and increase engagement.

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I start off my social research asking a series of question surrounding a theme, such as love or personal favorites. Some of these questions are things I personally am curious about, or what my followers have requested to know.

From there, I have the poll running for 24 hours, and generate answers in percentage. Some polls I share back results with my followers, while others are more for personal interest. I have conducted 10 "studies" over the past year. My engagement ranges from 150-210 people answering my polls.

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One of my favorite research series was on my followers' parents' expression of love. This was a search to see how individuals learn to love as adults, based on their childhood experiences. This generated the most engagement and interaction from my followers. What I found was really fascinating…

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Based on my study, I found out that my followers' parents tend to express love verbally on certain occasions, or not in their native tongue to remove association to that particular emotion.

A discovery like this would not have been possible to achieve without social research. Social research is a great way to learn about the community we are surrounded by, and improve the connections we already have. 

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